Total Solar Eclipse 04/08/24
By NEJFD Executive Director Steven C. Small
April 2, 2024

Monroe County is advising residents to, “Be Aware. Be Prepared. Be There.”

Be Aware:
• A total Solar Eclipse will happen on Monday, April 8, 2024, when the moon will completely block out the sun, causing darkness during the day.
• Eclipse Timing: 2:07 to 4:33 p.m.
• Totality / Darkness Timing: 3:20 to 3:24 p.m. (3 minutes and 38 seconds)
• What will happen during totality:
o Deep dusk in the sky
o The temperature may fall by as much as 10 degrees
o Animals and plants may behave as if it’s nighttime
o It will feel eerily still with a sense of wonder and awe
o It will still get dark even if it’s a cloudy day
• This is an historic event that can only be seen from a few places on Earth and Rochester is one of them this year. The next total solar eclipse for Rochester won’t occur for another 120 years, on October 26, 2144.
• 300,000 to 500,000 visitors are expected to come to our region with about 150,000 of those in Monroe County. Many will arrive on Saturday, April 6 and stay through Tuesday.

Be Prepared
• Protect Your Eyes:
o Always use ISO-Certified 12312-2:2015 eclipse glasses when looking directly into the Sun during the duration of the eclipse.
o Sunglasses don’t provide enough protection and you could damage your eyes.
o The general recommendation is to have 2 pairs of eclipse glasses per family. It’s okay to share eclipse glasses if you won’t be looking at the Sun the entire time.
o Make sure children don’t look directly at the sun by mistake.
• Plan for Traffic:
o Be prepared for traffic gridlock.
o Consider walking or biking to your destination to avoid traffic congestion.
o Be patient and allow extra time when driving to work, events and appointments.
o Traffic is expected to be the heaviest right after totality ends.
o Some streets or bridges may be closed for pedestrian viewing.
o Consider using 511NY Apps (Apple and Android) to view current travel conditions.
o If you plan to be driving during eclipse please remember to:
 Arrive early and plan to stay late at your destination.
 Avoid stopping on roadways to view the eclipse.
 Use headlights when driving.
 Fill your gas tank ahead of the eclipse.
 Have water, medications, food and appropriate clothing (boots, hats, blankets) in your vehicle.
• Medical Preparations:
o Refill prescriptions in advance.
o Avoid scheduling non-emergent medical appointments in the afternoon.
o If you have a medical condition that may require immediate access to medical assistance, consider staying closer to hospitals or urgent care facilities.
• Not a Typical Day:
o Local schools will be closed.
o Work from home if you can.
o Some businesses will be closed, work remotely or flex their hours.
o Try to not schedule routine deliveries or appointments for this day.
o Restaurants and stores may be crowded with visitors.
o Cell service could be slow.

Be There
• Pick a place—then park it!
o Avoid the rush and get to your destination well in advance and plan to stay for the duration of the event.
o Bring what you will need for the day.
o For a full listing of eclipse events, visit or the
o View a list of the 21 parks in Monroe County to view the eclipse and spend the afternoon at:

For Monroe County eclipse information, visit

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