Rochester Americans, Hall of Famer Jody Gage and T-Mobile Visit the Enderlin Station and Bring Food!
By NEJFD Executive Director Steven C. Small
November 13, 2020

On Wednesday, November 11th, the Rochester Americans Alumni and Hall of Famer Jody Gage visited the Enderlin Station as part of T-Mobil’s “Fueling the Frontlines” initiative. The Amerks and T-Mobile will be vising 10 local fire departments over the next several weeks, the first of which was the Webster Volunteer Fire Department.

On Wednesday, Jody Gage, Rob Minter and several Amerks and T-Mobile representatives visited the Enderlin Station and brought an excellent ‘spread’ of delicious food for the volunteer firefighters. Jody Gage was treated to a 100’ high ride on Truck 100. Jody posed for several photos with our volunteers and signed autographs. It was a fun time for all involved and the lunch was greatly appreciated by the volunteers.

“From the Goal Line to the Front Line, It’s Our Turn to Serve You!” is the Fueling the Frontlines motto. Thank you Jody! Thank you Amerks! Thank you T-Mobile!