Engine 102 Now In Service
By NEJFD Executive Director Steven C. Small
December 30, 2019

The North East Joint Fire District recently placed the District’s newest engine company in service, Engine 102. The 2019 Pierce Saber replaced the aging 1997 Spartan RD Murray that was taken out of service and declared surplus earlier this year. Engine 102 will be primarily housed at the North Station located on Phillips Road and will proudly be staffed by the dedicated volunteers of the Webster Volunteer Fire Department.

The Engine Apparatus Committee included Commissioner William Southwell, Assistant Chief Robert Boutillier, Lieutenant Steven Kozak and former Webster Firefighter Joel LoTurco. The North East Joint Fire District is in the midst of completing a well-structured apparatus standardization and replacement program, which when fully implemented, will standardize the District fleet and provide for apparatus replacement at a safe and reasonable interval.

2019 Pierce Saber Class A Pumper

8 Seats Equipped with David Clark Headsets

6 On Board Scott Air Packs

Cummins L9 - 450 HP Engine

Allison 3000EVS Transmission

Waterous Rated 2000 Gallons Per Minute Pump

1000 Gallon Water Tank

30 Gallon Husky 3 Foam System Carrying Class A Firefighting Foam

Featuring CARE (Carcinogen Awareness and Reduction to Exposure)

With firefighters’ growing awareness of the increased occupational risk of exposure to carcinogens, Pierce’s CARE-focused clean cab features offer custom fire truck design elements that can reduce immediate and lingering carcinogen exposure risks through easier-to-clean seats and interior surfaces, high-impact HVAC filtration for reduced particle circulation, warm water rinse availability, and more.