Mattresses and Bed Linens Donated To Those In Need
By NEJFD Executive Director Steven C. Small
December 12, 2018

Recently members of the North East Joint Fire District happily donated a large amount of bed linens and 12 twin size mattresses to the Mercy House in Rochester. The Board of Fire Commissioners had declared the items surplus as part of their ongoing facility maintenance program. The bedding items had useable life left in them and the Mercy House was happy to receive the items to help the needy in our community.

“”Dear Executive Director Small,

I apologize for the delay in getting these pictures to you!
You would be surprised at how many of your mattresses have already been given to people in need!
Thank you very much for choosing House of Mercy to receive your very generous donation and for all that you do to keep our community safe.
Happy Holidays to you all at North East Joint Fire District!


Bridget Carey
Manager, Donated Goods and Distribution Services
The House of Mercy””